# Team Name                    Team Leader         Category
-- ---------------------------- ------------------- ----------
 1 The Madhatters               Alan Jenkins        Supercar+ 
 2 Twice A Knight (for now)     Steve Greenham      Vintage   
 3 Team Ramsey (SHUT IT DOWN)   Nick Wright                   
 4 Le Boom                      Michele Daryanani   Banger+   
 5 Team 2-sec                   Jasper Marlow       +         
 6 Knights in White Hat in      Piers Wilson        Banger    
 7 Commander Vimes' Boys        Chris Joyce         Banger+   
 8 Trojan Rabbit                Geoff Jones         Supercar  
10 Knights of the wine table    Tracey Bains        Decorated 
11 Sir Stampalot                Paul Helliwell      Banger    
12 TBA                          Adam Zachara        Decorated+
13 TBA                          Maddie Crowther     Decorated 
M1 Spamalot                     Jeremy Wilson       Decorated 
M2 TBA                          John Godwin         Decorated 
S1 Sir Hogs-a-Lot               Peter Bassill       Decorated 
S2 Sir Taintly of Breach        Cassandra Mayfield  Decorated 
S4 TBA                          Peter Hoinville     Banger    
S5 TBA                          Becky Pinkard       Decorated 
S6 TBA                          John Quinn          Banger    
-- ---------------------------- ------------------- ----------