# Team Name                    Team Leader         Category
-- ---------------------------- ------------------- ----------
 1 Droning Druids               Alex Crompton       Supercar  
 2 Volsci                       Sonia Kumar         Banger    
 3 XRAIDERS                     Scott Goodwin       Banger    
 4 The Lost Legion              Tracey Bains        Decorated 
 5 The People's Front of Judea  Geoff Jones         Banger    
 6 Caesar Ciphers               Piers Wilson        Banger    
 7 Alea lacta EST               Jenny Reeve         Decorated 
 8 Imperatus Ginettacus         Simon Benoy         Vintage   
 9 Chariot of Fire              Eamonn Fogarty      Decorated 
10 Hadrian's Firewall           George Sale         Decorated 
13 Cleo's Asp                   Victoria Veats      Decorated 
M1 Cupid's Lunchbox             Nick Wright         Decorated 
M2 Devius Marshalus             John Godwin         Banger    
S1 Ronin Roman Hedgehogs        Cassandra Mayfield  Supercar+ 
S2 Judean People's Front        Peter Hoinville     Banger+   
S3 Bustus Satnavius             Simon Bickers       Banger+   
S4 I am Spartacus               Lisa Beavington     Banger    
S5 Tour Rettes                  John Dyer           Supercar* 
S7 The Alcoholix                John Denneny        Decorated 
S8 Cyber Centurions             Martin Oldham       Banger    
S9 Mad Maximus                  Ross Black          Banger    
-- ---------------------------- ------------------- ----------