# Team Name                    Team Leader         Category
-- ---------------------------- ------------------- ----------
 1 Knaves of the Wine Table     Aarran Ham          Supercar  
 2 Knights of the Sky           Steve Greenham      Vintage   
 3 Team Ramsey (SHUT IT DOWN)   Nick Wright         Banger    
 4 Knights of ';Drop Table *;   Michele Daryanani   Banger    
 5 84 Knights and a Damsel      Marc Lueck          Decorated 
 6 Knights in White Hat in      Piers Wilson        Banger    
 7 Commander Vimes' Boys        Chris Joyce         Banger    
 8 Trojan Rabbit                Geoff Jones         Decorated 
 9 The dark web knight Rises's  David Zilberberg    Decorated 
10 Knights of the wine table    Tracey Bains        Decorated 
11 Sir Stampalot                Paul Helliwell      Banger    
12 The Knights of Seculock      Adam Zachara        Decorated 
13 Joust wait one minute!       Maddie Crowther     Decorated 
14 Orangeade                    Eamonn Fogarty      Vintage   
15 XRAIDers                     Scott Goodwin       Banger    
16 Knight Mares                 James Meek          Banger    
M1 Spamalot                     Jeremy Wilson       Decorated 
M2 Damsels in Dis Dress         John Godwin         Decorated 
S1 Sir Hogs-a-Lot               Peter Bassill       Decorated 
S2 Sir Tainty of Breach         Cassandra Mayfield  Decorated 
S4 The kNight Owls              Peter Hoinville     Banger    
S5 Knight Riders of the Round T Becky Pinkard       Decorated 
S6 The Jedi Knights!            John Quinn          Banger    
-- ---------------------------- ------------------- ----------